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Bite Size Covid Business Help – Protection for Tenants

Who is Eligible?

Businesses who have been affected by Covid-19 and are unable to pay their rents

What is it?

The Gov has extended the protection against eviction

Tell me more…

Business tenants whose businesses were adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic had originally been protected from eviction for a period of 3months ending 30/6/20. However, with most businesses not opening till 4/7/20 the Gov has extended the protection for a further 3months, ending 30/9/20.

Statutory Demands and Winding up petition are also prohibited during these 3 months

How do I do this?

If your business cannot pay the Rent, it is best to discuss it with your Landlord at the earliest. Most Landlords also have mortgage & other commitments, so it is best discussed sooner rather than later. Part payments may also help both parties.

It is important that both Tenants & Landlords work together through these unprecedented times, so as to arrive at a workable solution for all parties

The above HMRC guidance is accurate at time of publishing, but please note that most of the COVID related reliefs are constantly evolving and liable to change. Please call us or refer to www.Gov.UK for the latest guidance

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